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The Freckled Key - Summer Transitions (Part 1)

I thought I'd share a peek at the lifestyle photo shoot I did with Hannah earlier in the summer. Hannah (and her husband, Scott) are dear friends and fellow photographers who own The Freckled Key Photography (named after Hannah) here in Houston. Hannah and I had talked briefly about doing a shoot earlier in the year, and we were finally able to make it happen over the summer.

So, "Summer Transitions"? Some of it is personal to Hannah & Scott (a beautiful mix of joy, hard work and profound change) but it just seemed apropos given that there is a fair bit of remodeling going on in their new home where we shot this part (the first of two), and that the room we photographed in is slated to be the nursery in the not too distant future :-)

Part 2 coming soon.

Update (Oct. 17, 2014): The 2nd Part of the shoot is now up.