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Thai Feast No. 2: The Sea (Paper Co. + Ngam NYC)

A Thai Feast - "The Sea". Just finished the edit of this second part of the photo essay & I am so hungry after sifting through these photos for the past few days! This was the 2nd of the Thai Feast pop-up dinners by Chef Hong Thaimee of Ngam NYC and hosted by Paper Co. Houston (kudos to Dave Foong & Liz Kilgore of Paper Co.). I posted the first dinner (The Land) last week and this one was held the day after that one, on Monday the 9th of March.



Hand Washing Ceremony

  • Fresh Oysters with Thai Mignonette
  • Thai Ceviche
  • Pad Thai Grilled Gulf Shrimp (as seen on Iron Chef America)
  • Fried Whole Fish + Laab Dressing
  • Grilled Seafood Platter
  • Dancing Calamari
  • TomYum Seafood with Thai Chili Jam
  • Pineapple and Crab Salad
  • Pomelo Salad
  • Jasmine Coconut Jelly

These people ... I can't even begin to explain how hard they worked and how awesome they are! I don't have everyone's names handy but will try to get them and update the list here [Updated - 4/20/15]:

  • Hong Thaimee (Ngam NYC)
  • Gang Insuwan (Ngam NYC)
  • Dave Foong (Paper Co. Houston)
  • Liz Kilgore (Paper Co. Houston)
  • David Miranda (Paper Co. Houston)
  • Amie Krebbs (Paper Co. Houston)
  • Donald Collins (Paper Co. Houston)
  • Asher Castillo
  • Lauren Fuller
  • Steven Hicks
  • Ellie Allen
  • Randy Hill
  • Robert Young
  • Francisco Rivera
  • Malachi Miranda
  • Judy Holzman
  • Julie Edwards
  • Andrea Bridgeman
  • Jason Jones
  • Ruth Kwak
  • Matt Farris
  • Sean Warrick
  • David Paredes
  • ... I think I now have everyone listed ... if I left you out, please definitely let me know :-).

Until the next time ...



P.S.: Paper Co. is open for coffee everyday, and for dinner on Thursday - Sunday evenings. You can also find & follow them on Instagram and Facebook. If you find yourself in New York, Ngam NYC is open for dinner every night and you can find them on Instagram and Facebook as well.

Thai Feast No. 1: The Land (Paper Co. + Ngam NYC)

A Thai Feast - "The Land". On Sunday the 8th of March, a pop-up dinner by Chef Hong Thaimee of Ngam, NYC was hosted by Paper Co. Houston. The funds raised from the dinner went towards the Paper Co. mission of being "A Cafe for All" and what was initially planned to be a single dinner ended up becoming two (well, kinda three actually). The first one (this one) with a land theme, and the second (post coming soon) with a seafood theme. (Update: "Thai Feast No. 2: The Sea" is now online - 3/26/15)



  • Hand Washing Ceremony
  • Happy Tiger (Coffee Crusted Steak with Spicy Jiaw Dipping Sauce)
  • Hunglay (Braised Pork Belly and Pork Neck - as seen on Iron Chef America)
  • Baby Ribs (Thai Style BBQ)
  • Thai Burger (Ngam's Famous Burger)
  • Brother Chai's Chicken Wings


  • Papaya Salad
  • Watermelon Slaw
  • Chiang Mai Fries
  • Sticky Rice


  • Thai Iced Tea Semifreddo

It was a pleasure meeting Chef Hong and to photograph and see her work along side the awesome Paper Co. crew, and her sous-chef par excellence - Gang ,who came down from NY to help make this happen. Stay tuned for Feast No. 2 - "The Sea"!

P.S.: Paper Co. is open for dinner Thursday - Sunday evenings. On Instagram you can find Paper Co., Hong Thaimee and Ngam NYC at @papercohouston, @hongthaimee and @ngamnyc respectively.