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A Singapore Street Food Celebration @ Paper Co. Houston

It hasn't rained today (at least I don't think it has ... I should probably step outside for a bit) but I've been here at the computer getting the next installment of scrumptious photos out of the Paper Co. kitchen ready for you all. This one I think felt a bit more personal. This was Paper Co.'s own popup dinner which gave it that feel for me, and I think it was personal for Dave as well. Dave Foong who is the Head Chef and Manager of Paper Co., and a native Singaporean put this feast on as an homage to his home and a celebration of 50 years of Singapore's national independence. Enjoy & make sure you get tickets to whatever the next popup will be! :-)


  • Kueh Pie Tee
  • Laksa
  • Coconut Seafood Stew
  • Rendang
  • Roti Prata
  • Satay Chicken
  • Sambal Fish
  • Hainanese Chicken Rice
  • Chili Crab Toast
  • Sago Pudding + Gula Malacca

Until the next time ...

More to come!

- Deji.